About Taqdeer

Value is the beginning and the end, as it is one of the oldest concepts that determine the levels and status of things. Everything around us is based on it, measured by it, and ultimately ends with it. From values, standards and concepts stem.

About Us

We are a property management company specialized in the field of owners’ associations (owners’ associations) consisting of a distinguished and specialized team consisting of several departments, the legal department, the financial department, the maintenance department and field supervision. We provide all owners’ association services professionally

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Our vision

Creating a safe and orderly environment in accordance with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and the directives of the Ministry of Housing

Our message

1- Regulating the relationship between owners and occupants of jointly owned real estate units through the application of rules and regulations 2- Carrying out an educational and awareness-raising role in a way that guarantees the preservation of rights and good use, and promotes a culture of coexistence 3- Organizing property management services, complexes and facilities